Fabulae Obscurae believes that no technology is as effective as the mind’s eye for creating atmosphere and that nothing beats a talented storyteller for capturing the imagination.

You know how all the awesome storytellers you know use sound effects and different voices when telling a yarn? How they know when to ‘skip to the good part’ or ‘repeat that last bit’ or give a fun little extra anecdote, to keep their audience engaged?

Fabulae Obscurae recreates the escapism and joy of just being told a good story. Rewind, fast forward, zip through to the story’s resolution, spend a little extra time with a character or immersed in a new environment.

We would like to offer you a taste of the experience with a story in time for Halloween. No tricks, just a treat: Heathcote.

So, close your eyes*, hide under the covers, and play a spooky, interactive audio experience on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Go, download it now! It’s free! FREEEEE!!!

And let us know what you think!

* you don’t have to, but trust us, it makes the whole experience extra fun; try playing it blindfolded!

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